The brilliance of a diamond depends on how light travels through it. Our founders have spent decades experimenting with different diamond shapes, cuts & polishes, and facet alignment to discover what makes a diamond sparkle efficiently.

All of our jewelry is handcrafted using cutting-edge technology, precise accuracy, and years of experience. We have an excellent in-house team of artisans that work with such commitment and passion to guarantee that every facet of diamond is put with the finest accuracy in all the jewelry, giving them an unrivaled shine.

With a decade of industry experience, Cali Trove has a tireless search for the newest technology and ongoing pursuit of innovation which serves as examples of our commitment to high-quality workmanship.


A sketch is the first stage in the jewelry production process that brings to reality what the creative minds conceive, we create designs centered on current trends around the world.


We have various phases that bring your design to life, from a digital drawing to a silver model, and from diamond setting to polishing the jewelry, each step is done with utmost passion and devotion, particularly for you!


Once your order has been created, it is submitted for an in-house Quality Check, as well as a third-party Quality Check, to ensure that the item is suitable for dispatch. All the orders are beautifully and elegantly packed in a customized Cali Trove jewelry box.