Explicitly centered on spreading & encouraging ‘Love + Human Connection’, it’s about making people and life special.

Cali Trove was established out of a desire to mark moments; we have always loved the idea of carrying tiny tokens with us that represent our most cherished memories, and jewelry has always been that token.

‘Cali’ is named after California, to impart the presence of the place. ‘Trove’ is derived from Treasure! Our jewelry is a perfect combination of ‘Minimalism with Luxury’ and ‘Simplicity with Modesty’.

It inspires closer relationships through romance, fun, and emotional moments.


Cali Trove’s brand mission is to make fashionably forward fine jewelry, considering the latest jewelry trends, accessible to everyone globally. We offer beautiful and valuable fine diamond jewelry which includes a wide array of collections from rings, earrings, pendants to bracelets, anklets and bangles for your finest moments.

Add a genuine touch of nature and beauty to your everyday moments with our creative process. What makes us, our pieces and your moments special is that every piece of jewelry is created in-house and undergoes multiple checks for attaining the adequate quality.

With a vision to offer the freedom to dare, to be themselves, and with a sensibility for art, Cali Trove celebrates multicultural heritage. It is through this unique mix of ideas and intuition, of hands, heart and reason that our eclectic pieces come together. Cali Trove believes in the celebration of moments through jewelry that is not just conventionally beautiful but also artistically sensible.


Impelled by a boundless passion for beauty and life, Cali Trove expresses that each jewelry piece symbolizes one’s uniqueness & reflects their personality. Every piece is inspired by nature’s shapes and influenced by the artistic imprint of diverse cultures around the globe.

Our designs are inspired by the organic essence of nature and are characterized by an experimental approach to materials and textures. Adding our unique flair for mixing geometric silhouettes, delicate elements and versatile color palette.

We make sure that each of our jewelry items reflects originality in what we pledge to give while always staying abreast of current technology. Every masterpiece we create is a result of our passion and enthusiasm. Our highly trained in-house artisans work tirelessly to guarantee our creativity and commitment.

We believe in owning our creative process, therefore every piece of jewelry is developed in-house, as is all of our content.


Our people are a vital part of our success. We make it our level one priority to train & develop everyone to the best of their potential. Knowing that our team is the heart and soul of our business, we are determined to keep them inspired, motivated and engaged in order to offer the highest quality of service. Our people work together more as a family with an undeniable belief in rising and uplifting each other.

We strive to help build a better society and environment where people feel empowered and live fulfilling lives. Our company has been actively involved in creating a more sustainable future through jewelry making.

Cali Trove strongly commits to ensure a diverse workforce in terms of gender & cultural backgrounds. We truly abide in treating people equally as well as making everyone feel valued and respected.