With proper handling and caring, your jewelry will remain dazzling, respected, and cherished for years to come. The jewelry care guidelines that follow emphasise the best ways to clean and care for jewelry and stones.

Millions of people wear jewelry every day, yet many people forget that jewelry is intended to be appealing rather than durable. The way you store and care for these jewels will determine their lifespan.

Here are some fundamental guidelines to remember when wearing jewelry :

  • When wearing jewelry, avoid doing dishes, gardening, cleaning the home, moving furniture, and other common physical chores.
  • Wear Jewelry After Applying Makeup - Cosmetics, hairspray, scents, and lotions can all include chemicals that might damage or cause build up on your jewelry or precious stones. Wearing your jewelry after using these items reduces the exposure to jewelry and any potential harm or build-up that may occur.
  • Wearing jewelry in swimming pools and spas is not advised because chlorinated water can react with the metals in jewelry, causing colour changes and, in rare cases, structural damage. As a result, remove your jewelry before entering the pool or spa.
  • Don't mix Sports and Jewelry. Hard impacts during sports may harm jewelry, not to mention the people involved. You should always take off all of your jewelry before playing any sport.
  • Jewelry should be safely stored while not in use. Try to keep your jewelry secure by avoiding contact with other jewelry, since diamonds can hurt anything, even other diamonds.


Taking Care of Your Jewelry

If you wear your jewelry on a daily or regular basis, keeping it clean and in good condition requires ongoing effort.
Here are some fundamental guidelines to follow while cleaning your jewelry :

  • Before bathing, remove any jewelry
    Remove any jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap can create or leave a film on your jewelry and stones, making them appear dull, foggy, or dingy. By preventing the formation of this film, you will immediately reduce the frequency with which you will need servicing or deep cleaning.
  • Use Jewelry Polishing Cloth for Best Results
    For best results, polish your jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth. A soft towel or a cotton baby diaper can also be used, however professional cloths are preferred. Face tissue or paper towels may cause scratches due to the coarse fibres in these goods.

Clean Your Jewelry

Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis will help keep it looking wonderful, but be cautious. You can also purchase industrial cleaners from the site. Only use non abrasive cleaners and NEVER use bleach, which might damage your beautiful piece of jewelry.

  • Only Clean Jewelry with Warm Water
    It is best to clean your jewelry with warm water. Hot water may react with the cleaning solution, discolouring the precious metal.
  • Inspect Your Jewelry on a Regular Basis
    Because jewelry is intended to be beautiful rather than functional, we recommend inspecting it yourself periodically. Addressing any signs of damage or loose stones as soon as possible helps to avoid further damage or loss and keeps your jewelry in top shape and dazzling for a lifetime.