Floral Frenzy

Despite being synonymous with spring, floral jewelry will be making a strong appearance in this coming fall season. Adding silver and gold to the floral designs will be taking a big win. Not to assume this trend to be entirely saccharine - pieces range from sleek and sculptural to vintage-inspired, also in some cases a nostalgic '80s-meets-flapper-era grandeur.

Statement Bracelets

The timeless beauty and classic sophistication of diamond tennis bracelets makes them always in-style and popular for this season and years to come. Whether it’s simply worn on its own or with other diamond jewelry to make a statement, with its versatility, the diamond tennis bracelet has become a classic piece of jewelry and a piece to be cherished forever.

Colors Of Desire

Colorstones have been the most popular trend this year. Inspired by nature's bounty, this exquisite ‘Colors Of Desire’ collection features diamond accents set around the natural hue of each stone. Explore the natural beauty and timeless trends of sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds.